{Not your typical princess.}

I hardly find girls who are extremely beautiful, but totally have no clue how extremely beautiful they are. Or girls who know that they are beautiful, but do not really give a damn about it. I guess Alana is both those kind of girls.

Every time we meet, I always feel like I am meeting a living doll. She always sticks out. I always thought it's because of her genes, but then I realized, it's because of her sunny personality.

Despite her being this pretty little thing, she's not your typical girl. She is tomboy-ish, and a real cowboy... err cowgirl? Just before the photo shoot, she was snaffling some bullfrogs in an old swimming pool, she thought it would be a good idea for a "frog princess" theme. She's pretty hilarious. I heard no complains from her the entirety of the session as well. She was trotting across the fields in her gown, BAREFOOT! She loves farm dogs... actually all animals. She's been telling me how sad she was when Black Mamba (a dark-colored chick) passed away, how she's been trying to revive the little creature when it broke its leg. It's so cute how she tells the story with all her heart! The camera loves her no doubt, and anyone would also find her lovable. 

Happy Birthday Miss Alana! :-)

This pictorial is extra special because my bff Fatima has been trying her photographing skills with my camera. Some of the shots are hers!

Fatima's shot.

Fatima's shot.
Fatima's shot.
Fatima's shot.

{Gingersnaps® makes DENIM for pay-peehs!}

Did a lifol shopping with my girl and bought her very first pair of DENIM PANTS today! Just a baby and mommy bonding time at Gingersnaps, Red Dot Laoag. One of the reasons why I love Red Dot is that they have really friendly sales ladies and sales men who babysat my Vanilla while I tried on shoes and clothes. And they absolutely got adowwwable baby clothes too. Vanilla has snagged a lot of Gingersnaps gifts from her baptism now it has absolutely become an addiction of mine.

I remember when I was in a college internship, I'd take a break and ogle Gingy clothes at the mall, because I just adore their color schemes so much! I swore that my future baby would be wearing the brand. :-)

{Lost in Love}

I am always drawn into my photographs. 

It's not that I am the only patron of my work, nor I am THAT deeply conceited. But to me, my work is my blood and sweat. Every photograph I take is a parcel of myself-- of who I am. It's like giving away my soul.

When I love a photograph, I go back to it a thousand times. Zoom it in and then zoom it out, like I want to be there, permeate through the screen and just be there. And be one with the pixels.

To me this photograph is meaningful. It's more than just a blank stare. It's like a hurricane of emotions. 

Whenever a client would come up to me and tells me she wants her photographs taken, she would always readily say a little reminder that she do not know how to pose. Like a warning of the impending difficulty of the pictorial. But I always say, "That's impossible. No one knows how to pose really." Even if you have been modeling for years, it would still be difficult to pose, especially to show emotions. Let alone, emoting in front of a total stranger. Someone you have barely established rapport with, in the mere 15 minutes of pre-pictorial introduction.

You could actually say, a photograph is 20% a photographer's work. And the rest is pretty much the subject's. But I disagree. Whenever I photograph someone, I always try to stir her emotions by communicating my thoughts. It is a rather difficult task to be motivating someone on the spot. Drawing out my own emotions or experiences to make someone feel it so it comes out of the photograph is some of my precious feats as a photographer. This natural skill is probably my only secret to making images that are meant to astound.

I'm in love with what I do. I'm always lost in my thoughts and in my ideas, sketching inside of my brain of the things I want to photograph.