{Ava of Ava's Cakes}

Ava's Cakes... it always rings a bell. Ava's Cakes has been famed for their daring takes on cake architecture and their kickass party ideas in Laoag City, not only in Laoag, but the name have also penetrated events/parties in the country and abroad. There's no denying that this cake company had already rooted its reputation deep deep in the ground. There's no chance that no one have never came across the establishment's name.

BUT who is Ava anyways? :-)

Ava is the one and only son of the talented couple behind Ava's Cakes! You've seen this coming, but most people would think Ava was a girl's name.

The couple thought they were gonna have a baby girl, so they readied the name AVA, but surprisingly, they actually had a handsome young baby boy instead. Still, they kept the wonderful name AVA, which I guess might have been their lucky charm to success!

I got the chance to meet him and goof around a little bit. And boy is he a handful! Haha! He is a very inquisitive young boy, very bright! He loves to ask things because it's not enough that he is curious, he needs answers. A genius in the making, I say. Gotta, gotta love Ava. I believe one day, he's gonna learn how to bake and sculpt cakes just like his mom and dad-- this will deff swoon a lot of females alright! 

Breathless in your presence.

Mrs. Malu Velasco-Harper is one of the most amazing person I have ever met. She is so beautiful inside, out. A very dedicated mom, a loving wife, and a hard-working career woman-- almost impossibly ideal, but she is IDEAL in every way. Believe it!

She could pass for a 20 year old, really! A few months after giving birth, she's back into shape... flaunting a very slim physique and a more confident woman inside that petite frame!

She's one of my biggest fans... I know! She and her husband were one of the first people to ever take notice of my works, and who gave me a chance to own a website (which up until now I haven't put up yet with my lack of knowledge in web-design and a poor-pocket to pay for a web designer)! Ha ha ha.

This photo shoot has a very cyanotic feel, hence "Breathless". I really wanted to emphasize on her maturity as a woman, and her strength as a confident person so I used bold colors. See how I used blue tones and fire-y tones interchangeably? Like ICE and FIRE. Hrmmm... I have my own way of explaining things, I don't really know if you'd all get it but, yeah I know you do! :-)

It took me some time before I was able to post this blog because I have been super busy but here goes!

This actually were entries to the Power Babe Contest at a radio station in Canada. Her hubby submitted these photos, which I thought was the sweetest EVAARRR! And guess what, she won!

MUA: Fatima Audrey Sy Co
Stylist: Aiza Saturnino