Be Swag

There are days when it's best to head out without any plan, let loose, and splurge out of compulsion. My best friend and I are always busy, and we deserve some time off from our "reality".

Dorky glasses for a dorky lass.

Canvas pocket-less tote bags, hand painted by McShine by Mave. They are available at Samtoy.

This is my negguh please and bitch please face.

Panda and melting monsters.

Hand painted head phones.

Hand painted helmet.

The library manager's dope laptop stickers.

I was given the privilege to borrow Miss Jane Gaspar's books! She's the coolest.

Saul Steinberg's Masquerade.

Valentine residue.

Aud and Jane chilling at the library.

I think it's cute. No matter how eerily its nipples and cord stump protrudes.

So, I got a new calendar... AGAIN!
Ogling at life-size gay giraffes and Aud buying a Louis Vuitton inspired trash bin.

A typical night time breakfast.

I forgot what it's called. At Papa Pau's.

I told her to smile without being stiff. She tried her best. Wahahhaa!

Just SILI.

We both tried CRAZY MONKEY and ANGRY BIRD at La Preciosa. They were both good!!! SOooo sooo good.

"Finally we can go through the plaza without going out of it as rape victims." LOL. We were chillin' at the plaza brainstorming about Gabriela Silang and the floor light choice for the Tobacco Monopoly.

I am getting ready for summer. :) Bought these matching hats with the best friend.

I got this vintage shirt for 25 pesos. Hell yeah. :P

Tristan + Rica : Wedding


. . .

photography // ferina albano . landell galiza . raffy pasalo
videography // cesar lauricio and team of LANCES
reception . catering // plaza del norte
hmua // audrey sy-co
gown // julius alonzo
cake // katrina . ace mandac of Ava's cakes

. . .