April: A Midsummer Night's Dream

April was one of the best months this year. It's a month of self-discovery, overcoming fears, and finding adventure in places and with people. I cannot ask for more for this month. I have no regrets with whatever choices I have made; most of which reckless but most resulted to a lot of stories to look upon in the next summers to come.
Hey, birthday girl. This month is your birth month. You are exactly a quarter of a century. Pat yourself in the back coz you've gone so far and probably went through a lot that other people would probably take 50 years to explore. Remember that you're never too old to become younger. xoxo

My Japanese Harajuku-themed birthday! Prepared everything with my family! I can't ask for anything more. Perfect 25th celebration in my opinion; good food, good friends, a loving family... everything complete!
The boyfriend teaching me how to make a sushi roll: spreading it properly on the roasted Nori.
My first sushi roll! Rolled it perfectly. Hehe, I guess I am a fast learner.
I've always wanted a tattoo for my 25th birthday. That will have to wait... For now, this will do!
Coffee with the best friend! At Cheesecakes, Etc.
Gifts from Billy and Vida. How splendid! I love collecting books. I might not read them now, but one day when all I have to do is relax at home. :)
Boodle fight with my new found friends! :)
Found these vintage shades from my grandma's closet!
Loving the new prints of my fabrics!
Found a big moth on the floor today, poor thing. She must have lived a happy life flying around...
Travel Read.
Summer Nights = Movie nights with the little cuzzos.
Judging Little Miss Sinait 2012.
I can't believe the people who were with me in the panel! Young people with astonishing professions and talents. I am so privileged to be invited to be one of them.
Loving who I have become more and more...
Sharing the adventure with my favorite cousin. :)

Summer's adventurous read. Loved it

April... it's a wrap! Signing off.

Mark & Tina {Wedding}



photography // ferina albano 

assistant photography // shayne an lauricio 

videography // MG videos (mervin gobaco) 

lighting // lances studios 

wedding coordination // mary jane pascual 

reception . catering // playa tropical resort hotel