Vanilla Celesté's 2nd Birthday Bash: Little Red Riding Hood

Happy Birthday my little girl!
Mama is very proud of who you've become. 
You've exceeded my expectations of a beautiful life with you in it.
You make me very very happy with everything that you do...
From your little smiles, the way you run and bounce, the way you talk gibberish,
and even your tantrums make me realize that I am blessed
to have you as my daughter.

You are the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me. 
And today we celebrate your second year in our lives,
with the people who lovingly watched you grow,
and the people who helped me raise you.

Happy Birthday Vanilla Celesté!
We love you to bits and pieces.

-- your Mommy

I'd like to say thank you to everyone who helped me make this little gathering possible.
My fiancé who has been a good father and a provider to our little one, my best friends who helped
me in every possible way (Audrey, Kaycee, Aiza, James, Ate Marie, Shayne, Ate Kit), my family who helped me with the decors and the preparation of food (Mama Lola, Inang and Nana), my second family (Tito Cesar, Tita Lanie and the KIDS) for helping out during the party,
to everyone who came to celebrate,
who came to share the fun and laughter,

Other than that, I'd like to say thank you to Miss Katrina Mandac for the cake and for lending her party props, to Miss Rosary Lo for the Cake Pops, Miss Mylene Lagamia for the delicious cupcakes, Sir Raymond of Adrienne's for the chairs and tables,  Print Nook for the prints, Rizal Park for providing the place for the party, and to everyone I forgot to mention, I am very grateful for the big help. 

Throwing a party is very tedious but I don't regret as long as I see my little boo's eyes sparkle with happiness. :-)