No, it's not a love song.


feat // nico lucero . alana reichert
photography // ferina albano
hair . makeup // audrey co-adora
styling // ferina albano


Lolec sounds like a laugh machine.

I don't intend to ask permission to post the images made by this person. I doubt that he will permit me. And even if he will sue me in court, that seems easier to swallow than miss this chance to take notice of this young fellow who has a knack for self-portraiture. We are not talking about that kind of self portraiture that screams jejemon, korean cuteness + peace sign, nor the showing of cleavage or biceps, for the ridiculous sake of Facebook profile picture. What we have here is the kind of self portraiture that I must say is alien. I don't mean that in a negative way, I just mean unconventional, contemporary, definitely not mainstream. Whether he set it on a tripod, asked someone to shoot it, set it against a wall, or a stack of bricks, I don't really know... and honestly don't care! It is still self portraiture. What I know is, this young kid has concepts that are deeper than what they seem, although they are simply set up on lazy days. Example, a self-portraiture in boxer shorts.

These images will make you wonder what was going through his head when he took a particular photo.
In all honesty, a photograph should be interesting, or else it will just bury itself among the other bazillion of images uploaded every second, having no significance, almost non-existent. Like flickr would dub, a photograph should have an "interestingness", well this kid's photos are seriously interesting.

I would describe most of his works as, HONEST. These days where almost all images are retouched by Photoshop, where photographs need to be edited or airbrushed to perfection, it is refreshing to see photographs like his that shows a lot of frankness. Say...nose hair, armpit hair, pores, awkward limbs, hilarity, stunts, teeth, pores, and sometimes broken by a random photo of a serene girl. It's a beautiful mess! Not to forget his weird orientation of photos (upside down, rotated awkwardly) and his mind blowing angles. He surely has his trademark already.

What surprises me the most is that, he doesn't own a DSLR like most kids these days who aspire to be a "photographer". I don't know what he uses. But his photos speak for themselves, not the model or brand of what he uses. I bet he doesn't even know that he is a photographer already by just mastering the art of self-expression through the use of light. 

His works inspire me. It reminds me of those times when I loved experimenting and doing the unusual too. Sometimes having a DSLR is debilitating, but when you are given any tool and try to make the best of it, that's when real creativity comes out.

His name itself is interesting-- LOLEC TAPIRU. I believe he was named after Pope John Paul II whose nickname is LOLEK. :)


photography // lolec tapiru

please do not copy or use these photos for any purposes without the artist's permission


Looks for Less

Since this month, I have been getting a lot of help from suppliers (sponsoring dresses and shoes for my clients), I think it's time to feature some of their selected products just to give everybody a sneak peek of what these online shops are offering. One main thing they aim at is, giving the chance for women to look fabulous without breaking the bank! The shoes featured here are 1/3 the price of most shoes sold online, and the accessories you might see here range from 80-200 pesos. 

With a little bit of mix and matching-- I took the liberty of taking photos of their stocks I have at home and some are photos from actual photo shoots where the products were used.

Hope you like the blog! Above are links to the two online shops I have been featuring so you get to check them out yourself! Enjoy.

  And since we're talking about looks for less, here are some photos where I wore those nifty pieces I snagged from a friend's garage sale last month! I only got them for like 25-35 pesos each!