Dolled up Tots™

"Dolled Up Tots" by Miss Nikka Pasion, an online retail shop for little girls is about to debut pretty soon! A lot of doting mothers are pretty excited about it. Ever since I posted an Instagram sneak peek of the dresses before the photo shoot, people have been messaging me asking me how they could order from Nikka. But the main area where these dresses are gonna be available will be in Australia where Nikka and her family reside. Since the shop has been initially hyped up back at home, potential customers have been wondering if the owner would consider selling these vintage-inspired dresses in the Pi too. It's a pretty good feedback! Well who wouldn't fall in love with these dresses? They're basically made of the softest texture, with color palettes that are very easing to the eyes (kinda' like the warmth and coziness of a summer afternoon), and you can bet that these were hand-picked by no other than the owner who has an impeccable taste. Being a mom herself, she'd know that with style, comfort is also an indispensable part of kids' fashion.

I have known Nikka way back when we both went to the same nursing school. And like many women our age, we already have kids that we also want to focus on besides our own careers. What better way for her to do business than to cater to moms like herself? It's like both of her passions happening at the same time. I am very grateful that she chose me to be the product photographer of her dresses and my little one as her first ever endorser. It was a real pleasure doing the photo shoot. And I hope this fantabulous venture will sky rocket in due time. Good luck to you, Nikka!  :)

Photography // Ferina Albano
Dresses // Dolled up Tots
Props // Ava's Cakes & Party Styling