Be careful what you set your heart upon.

Room for squares: my instagram shots this month. Nothing much really, this July, but I have been trying to catch up with work, accepting schedules for later months, and just coping... coping to a lot of changes. I miss my other half but life goes on. Back to work, back to losing all the pounds from last summer. I have been cooking a lot lately and trying to be fit. Ha! Good luck to me.
Grilled Cheese Sandwich with spinach. Shared this with my grandmother who's also a health freak!
How you guys liking my wolf shirt? Now I am part of the wolfpack donning these widely popular print. Seriously stoked when I saw this at the mall. As for this polaroid, I wanted to buy this from a friend but I have to save up some more.
Clever book cover. I saw my grandmother reading this. But she didn't want to finish coz she can't relate to it. LOL.
Sharing food pictures with the ze boyfriend from thousand miles away. He is eating shrimp salad, and I am eating and drinking everything DRAGON FRUIT. Why the sudden craze about dragon fruit? Insane.
Babe's birth month! I got him a chocolate bar for his birthday CAKE and sang for him on facetime. I hope one day, we'd get to celebrate our birthdays together. I envy couples who'd get to do that yearly. :(
Just being the weirdo that I am. I love the stream of sunlight that bursts into our third floor bathroom in the mornings. Don't you?
McCafe. Nuff said.
I'm all about monochromes lately, just embracing the change of weather-- gloomy, rainy, and gray.
Styrofoam art at Samtoy Books! So weird but innovative. But I am just worried about the chlorofluorocabons that get released in melting the material. Just concerned about the Ozone Layer.
Been cooking a lot lately for the family. This one's breaded Cream Dory in sweet and spicy sauce.
Chicken Curry for my lolo and lola before they leave for the US. :) My lolo liked it somehow. He is so hard to please! Haha.
I am finally using my leopard, slash, ostrich hair iPhone case. It's been 6 months since I bought it. Time to use it!
Babe gave my grandma Morning Glory seeds last summer and lately they are in full bloom. You can only appreciate them in the early mornings. :) So pretty!
Awesome Note. I have been putting all my thoughts here. Hopefully by the end of the year, I already have put a lot.
Meh... It didn't work! Hahahaha.
Welcome to my personal library inside my room. A collection of books I never returned, books that got me broke, and books that people gave to me and will treasure forever.
My favorite reads!
The quote for the month: Be very careful what you set your heart upon, for you will surely have it. Love this book to death! A few pages and I instantly changed as a person.