June Recap: "Mixed Emotions"

A well-deserved sushi at Japanese Grill.

Just adoring some UNIQLO prints at Mall of Asia before it opened. 

Fish spahhhh!

A very expensive lunch at Hotel H20. Oh wells! It was good though. Stuffed crab was alright.  

Finally home and back to decorating my room.

My baby Vanilla's series of books for June collection.

Hair is growing longer and longer! Like WOAH.

Just one of those mornings... Back to work. Back to reality.

My best friend trying her new airbrush makeup on me.

Late night situations.

My desktop situation. So so cluttered!

I got this hugeass toblerone from my auntie. I needed some knife to chop this thing. Cuhrazeeh.

Taco Salad all day! Only at La Preciosa SPAM all-day breakfast.

A phone-edit of me being a Pseudo-Gypsy. Hope ya'll like it.