"Next To You"


feat // nico lucero + alana reichert
photography // ferina albano
hair . makeup // audrey adora
styling // ferina albano


{Noel + Kath = FOREVER}


photography // ferina albano
hair . makeup // katherine domingo
styling // joyce ann red
gown . tux // barry andres


"There's no room for hate here."

I remember saying, "I hate flowers on clothes or any other thing worn". Well, I sucked it back in. Because this pair is too flirty to ignore. 
Never Been Kissed has affordable T-shirts. And I bought this because of the drawn face. No other reason. 

Since this is gonna be on my blog, it will be too awkward to be wearing it on public, fearing people would say, OH THAT'S the shirt she has been blabbing about.

I really love the stare and the weirdly drawn blush-on.

Charm, a young painter/artist gave this pair of leopard-print shades in exchange for lending her my tripod. Very sweet!

My cousins washing their pink bike in the rain.

My days have been a cycle.

So everyone has one, I might as well get one for myself too. By Maris Unique Pieces Online.
Preview and Real Living has been about laces, florals, leathers, geometry, Boho, retro, edge, I can't help but browse through them for pictorial inspiration!
Baby Vanilla has a new tutu skirt from her Ninang Marianne Pasion! 
It is very romantic, like from Victoria's Secrets for babies.
July was my Mom's birth month. I love you ma. You will always be an inspiration to me. With you, I never felt incomplete or ashamed of where I was coming from. You taught me so many things, especially humility.
The purging feeling of too many chocolates... Ahh. This month has been a very sinful one. I finished half a jar of Nutella in 3 days, ate 30 pieces of chocolate chips every day, finished a bag of Kisses in a day-- I wouldn't be too surprised if I gained weight!
Baby Back Ribs by Chef Jackie is reason enough to go back to Gianni's over and over again.
Still couldn't figure out what's in their Eggplant Salad that's giving it the earthy taste. It's sweet because of the caramelized onions, the right amount of bitterness from grilling, and something else that we cannot explain. Hmmm...
A pictorial on a rainy day! In a salty atmosphere. Wow. I just killed my camera... I hope not!
Finally got my wedged sandals repaired! They are my favorite pair for forever!!! Naturalizer wedge sandals in skin tone. Very comfortable for flat-footed girls like me.
So I have been telling this to myself again and again. "There isn't any room for hate here. I am filled with happiness and love. Peace is hogging my heart and my brain. No vacancy. Thanks!"
Life is what we make it! Let's not dwell on negative vibes because life is delish! Chew it well, roll it around with your tongue, let it melt in your mouth, cherish every moment, and yes, take a picture of every moment. Be vain, take a picture of yourself to remind that God made you beautiful inside and out!

July has been a very strange month of reverie. I was lost in a trance, in a dreamy kind of way. I was trapped in an exaggerated number of unfurling issues of my past, my present, and my future. I watch my life in action from the outside. Man, it's a great movie. Time and time again I would be scheming deep down my brain how I'd find the time to write my life in a book, because it is too surprisingly filled with drama. Heartbreak of the year, the "me against the world" act, scribbled truth and lies, scheming villains, the shadow of a murderer of dreams and lives, twisted stories discovered sans the climactic soundtrack, friends who are the soldiers of my castle, the long curly hair typical of a peasant being oppressed to death, the knight in shining armor, the lies... the lies... the lies... the lies. 

Cheers to green tea cream frappe, I am getting by my life's drama with a swag. Cheers to those who dislike me, who spend a lot of time and energy on the achingly cringing thought of me. Cheers to myself for doing nothing, yet have the ability to stir people barely with a lift of my pinky. Cheers to myself for  staying the same, despite the horrors of my life. Cheers, for up to now, I can honestly say I have never said anything to hurt others, never thought ill of others... never did and never will.

God said, He will avenge my suffering, for it is up to Him not up to me. For whatever we suffer for on earth, we will be gaining back in heaven. I am not perfect, but I am not broken either. I didn't sprout from a valley of daisies, but I bloomed as a rose from a stalk of thorns. What hurts me makes me strong. What calluses me, armors me from the knives of hate and angst.

July might have ended, but life will continue, so as the adversities. But there's no room for hate in my heart. Keep on keeping on, I say. 

The Lovely Bones


photography // audrey co-adora
makeup // audrey co-adora
styling // ferina albano