{From the Cradle to the Runway}

I have been looking for Heelarious® in the Philippines. Was meaning to buy a few pairs for my daughter who is 3-months old. I thought it would be perfect just in time for her first birthday when her tiny little feet will grow into the american-sized infant shoes. I tried to browse the internet, and even asked friends and families from the states to search for it. Turns out that the phenomenal baby product has ran out of stock because of increased demand and a failed supply.

Because a lot of parents (read from a forum) disagree with the practicality of the design of Heelarious® as well, I thought I should just forget it. Then I stumbled upon Tot Couture from a parenting site.

"From the cradle to the runway."-- Tot Couture  lives up to its slogan.

It was the brainchild of a stay at home mom who thought that the market lacks baby apparels that have fashion statement. She started designing and making fashionable shoes, clothes, toys, name it they have it and brought it to the online world. Thanks to background knowledge and skills from fashion courses, this mommy is able to share her products to other mommies like me who want their babies to stand out from the rest.

Shop at Tot Couture now! Delivery of items is always prompt and always adorably packaged! You can't help but say "awwwww" and sometimes wish they have those shoes in your size.