May: The last summer hurrah.

Garlic + Olive Oil + Shrimp Pasta. My favorite at Pizza Hut. A date with the boyfriend and his cousin.
Just showing my big eyes ya'll.
The dude who stole my heart, visiting me in the Philippines for summer. Literally crossing oceans just to be with me. :)
Cooked Bibimyum for my boyfriend, and made him some ginger ale and calamansi concoction.
Trying out my macro lens for iPhone! A late gift from boyfie ^_^
At taco bell with my auntie and the babysitters.
Visiting our lolo's grave.
Just taking pictures at the cemetery!
Tribeca finally has a food menu. Me and my friends got some waffles late at night! :)
So simple yet so yummy and creamy. Extra spanish paprika please!!!
My movie buddies! Billy, Vida, Maam Egg, and Sir Rich!
My little troll, just trolling hehe.
Painted my wall and refurbished an old mirror frame that I picked up somewhere...
Art Installation by Leeroy New at the Paoay Sand Dunes for the Virgen Milagroasa. What a night!
Inspired by a poem by Vida, at Mc Donald's 24hrs.
Just talking about politics.
Taking orders. Hahaha. And camwhoring.
We all had a blast...
Finally Starbucks at the grocery shelves!
My new addition to the shoe collection. :)
Shut your face.
Babe making me smile all the time... Happy me!
Free Magazine! Hell yes!
Chilling with the high school friends at Playa Tropical.
Jed and KD, 9 months pregnant. LOL.